BACTROSIST is a strong natural antibiotic having a non resistible strength over a wide variety of bacterial infections in the human system. 
BACTROSIST works in the urinary tract, the excretory organs, in the blood tissues and deep in the bones.

It Cures:
- FUNGAL and viral infections. 
- Sexually Transmissible Disease (STDs).
BACTROSIST is administered only for resistant or chronic infections. It handles many health problems both natural and unnatural. 
How to use: Boil whole content of sachet in 1 liter of water in a closed pot over a gentle flame for 10 minutes. 
Dosage: Adults, take 1 glass 3 times a day Children should be given on doctor’s instructions only. N.B: only replace chaffs after the use of five or more sachets in succession.

ANTI-BIOL is a universal closed pot over a gentle flame for 10  minutes.
- 5-10 years, take 1⁄4 glass 4x daily.
-11-15 years take 1⁄2 glass 3x daily.
-16 years and above, take 1 glass 3x daily 
N.B: Children less than 5 years should be given on a health specialist prescription only. It has little or no side effects. Only replace chaffs after the use of five or more sachets in succession.

3. LAXOMICIN (Enteromin) 
Enteromin is a strong natural antibiotic, derived from natural plants. It cleanses the system of waste materials of all sorts, either natural or man-made. 
It relaxes the system without necessarily running it. 
It also works against: 
- Venereal Diseases. 
- Difficult urination.
- Constipation. 
- Night Poisoning. 
- Difficult pregnancy. 
- Kidney & Bladder. 
- Colitis. - Appendicitis. 
- Menstrual problems. 
- Waist and joint pains. 
- Stomach problems derived from having sex dreams Problems. 
How to use: boil whole content of sachet in 2 litres of water for 20 minutes. 
Dosage: Adults take 1 glass before meals 3x daily. 
Children should take 1/5 to 1⁄2 adult dose or as prescribed by a doctor.

4). MICROBIN 2011(MB 2011) 
This is a mixture containing extracts from more than sixteen tropical medicinal plants of high anti - microbial, anti - parasitic, anti - oxidative, blood purifying and immune boosting properties. 
It is administered for nearly all resistant and chronic infections / diseases and health disequilibrium. The presence of mystical plants in its composition have given it an upper hand over so many undefined diseases.

How to use:
6months-1 year, take 1/5 teaspoon in honey or in pap or in yogurt and add other milk products 2x daily. 
2-3 years, take 1⁄4 teaspoon as above 3x daily. 
4-6 years, take 1/3 teaspoon in honey or pap or yogurt and add other milk products or in warm water 3x daily.
7-11 years, take 1⁄2 teaspoon as above 3x daily. 
12-17 years, take 1 teaspoonful as above 3x daily. 
N.B: Chronic/resistant infections/STI’s, 18 years and above should take 3 teaspoonfuls with water 3x daily.

LIFE-FORT is a powerful natural antibiotic and fungicide, derived from barks of trees of high medical values. 
It Cures:
- A wide variety of venereal infections 
- Pregnancy difficulties. - Skin infections 
- Viral Infections 
- Many stomach and abdominal infections. 
- Impotence and more. 

Boil the entire sachet of medicine in 4 liters of palm-wine together with 10 table spoonful of limestone powder (quangwa) and 15 sliced limes for 20 minutes. Water can be used in place of palm- wine but palm-wine is most preferable for better results.

It may cause dizziness and light headache and running stomach in a few individuals. DOSAGE: Adults should take 1 glass warm water before meals, 3 times a day.
N.B: Follow instructions from your doctor, pharmacist or nurse strictly.

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